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Church Pew Sports - where Pastors talk sports and life. Think of it like Barstool, but without all the swearing.

Dec 22, 2022

Welcome to Church Pew Sports Ep 91 - A Special 3-Minute Message From Coach Prime

We wrap up 2022 with a special edition of the CPS podcast featuring a powerful locker room moment between Coach Prime and the Jackson State team, the exuberant Argentinian World Cup celebration, and a montage of our favorite 3-Minutes...

Dec 16, 2022

Welcome to Church Pew Sports Ep 90 - NFL Talk - Are The Lions For Real?

With the NFL season heading into its 4th quarter, there are a LOT of questions to be answered. At the top of that list is the plight of the Detroit Lions and the question of their hot streak. Is this team for real? We also discuss the Tom Brady...

Dec 9, 2022

Welcome to Church Pew Sports Ep 89 - Army-Navy: More Than Just A Game

The college football regular season is almost done. Almost. There is still one epic showdown to take place, and it's a game that deserves to have the stage all to itself - Army vs Navy.

On this edition of CPS, we examine the lore, the tradition,...

Dec 3, 2022

Welcome to Church Pew Sports Ep 88 - The Making Of A Champion with Maceo Baston

The major football conferences are all heading into their championship weekends. The World Cup is down to 16 teams. NFL teams are kicking into playoff gear with the dream of winning it all. That's why this week we're focusing on the things...

Nov 26, 2022

Welcome to Church Pew Sports Ep 87 - It's Great To Be A Michigan Wolverine #45-23

In the aftermath of the huge win by Michigan in "The Game," the CPS team talks all about the Buckeye Beatdown with a collection of special guests, soundbites from the game, and a look ahead to what comes next for the boys from Ann Arbor....